What is a referral?
"Google"- A referral is an act of referring someone or something for consultation, review, or further action.

In the freight brokerage world, the referrals that freight brokers love are referrals to transportation managers, shippers, logistic managers, manufacturer's operation managers, and experienced/new carriers. Anyone can generate a referral. Ex: drivers, other shippers, dispatchers, coworkers, relatives, friends, strangers, etc.

E.S.E. Logistic, ******REQUIREMENTS***** The person giving the referral, the referrer must have a personal relationship or direct contact information to the potential referral responsible for shipments. The referrer must know the referral name, personal/business number, and email address. The referrer must be willing/able to provide a warm introduction via phone or email. Any referrer that can meet the requirements listed above and assist in the referral doing business with E.S.E. Logistic. I Ernest Berry the CEO of E.S.E. Logistic will pay a fixed referrer fee of $100 upon the finalization of every new referral first shipment with E.S.E. Logistic.